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Alessandra Luciano Silk Scarves

Why silk scarves might just be the greatest fashion piece ever

We're going to go ahead and claim that the silk scarf is the most versatile fashion piece ever invented. It's kind of like a real-life "thneed" from The Lorax. You know, "the-very-fine-something-that-all-people-need". Its a hat, its a neck-tie, a headband, a bag accessory. Wear it in Winter, Summer, Spring and Autumn. Tie it around your wrist, drape it about your shoulders - there are endless possibilities for the humble silk scarf. 

Passion for igniting your passion

I guess we've always been rebels at heart. We believe in challenging the status quo in everything we do, and fashion is definitely no exception. To us, our silk scarves are the tangible affirmation of a life long passion for daring to be different from everyone else. Anyone ever put an orangutan tea-party on a silk scarf? Nope, I guess that's what we'll do then. Hey, what about a herd of elephants with butterfly ears? Ok, looks like that's where we're headed.    
Alessandra Luciano square silk scarves