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About Alessandra Luciano

Alessandra Luciano

Hello, welcome to the world of Alessandra Luciano! We're so glad to have you here. 

Our names are Amanda and Bridgette Simpkin, sisters and founders of Alessandra Luciano scarves. We've enjoyed creating art our whole lives, but it wasn't until recently, 2017, that we realised we could merge two of our favourite things together, fashion and art, through the beautiful medium of a luxury silk scarf.

It all started really, when our two older sisters moved overseas, taking their silk scarf collections (which we had naturally 'borrowed' up until this point as sisters do). Unable to imagine life without our favourite accessory, we set out to buy our own, but soon realised that the kind we wanted didn't really exist. We wanted silk scarves that wouldn't just complement an outfit, we wanted silk scarves that would make an outfit. Scarves that were so bright, brazen and beautiful that you could not help feeling empowered and confident wearing them. Silk scarves are an investment that lasts a lifetime, heirlooms that can be passed down generations, so we were determined that ours should be all of these things.

So it began as a passion project. We spent hours crafting our ideal silk scarf designs, and then when we were finally happy, we sent them off to be printed on the most luxurious silk there is, 100% pure mulberry twill (they were an investment to last a lifetime after all). When our friends saw our scarves, they demanded their own, and in essence that is how Alessandra Luciano began.

To this day, we continue to operate with the same restless intent to bring fashion and art together through the beautiful medium of the square silk scarf. We are driven by a passion to design silk scarves that transcend the ordinary and make the wearer feel extraordinary. Each scarf is designed with the intent of helping you stand out from the crowd and own your personal style.

Every scarf on our site is designed by us and every design is unique. We hope you love them as much as we do! 

xx Mandy and Bridgette